Kamisama, "Zenny" — Amelie


 16 / july 16 / cancer


178 cm


she/her — he/him — they/them




neutral good









social status

middle class



- BNHA oc!

- they're genderfluid

- they have a very high hairline

- where is their left eye??


Zen is quiet, introverted and a bit insecure, but they have a sympathetic, pleasant, and caring personality. Socially awkward, and aware that a lot of people are alarmed or made uneasy by his looks, he gets easily flustered when people he doesn't know well show interest in him. He usually appears a bit uncomfortable when spoken to; in some measure unintentionally discouraging people from talking to him even though he wants to make friends. He's always hiding at least part of his face behind his hair.


A bit unmotivated and a tad lazy; she's absentminded, easily dejected, and easily distracted, but also easily cheered up. Though she's tall and awkward, she's very agile, dextrous, and a fast runner.

They have a quirk that allows them to instantly grow their hair out and manipulate it like an extra limb. While they're comfortable and skilled with their quirk, their confidence in themself is pretty low, but they want to become strong and reliable, and be someone who is able to support and protect their friends.




cats, ghost stories, sneakers, friends playing with their hair, cute things


chewing gum, public speaking


Tablo, BTS, Crystal Castles




One Piece




milk, coffee


  • They're pretty nonchalant about the way they cut their hair, and only do it absently, so it's often choppy and uneven…

  • Despite everything, Zen is really bad at most things that have to do with hair care. They struggle a lot with putting their hair up and making any sort of decent updo, and they literally don't know how to make braids.

  • They kind of prefer their hair at about shoulder length, but they get a lot of compliments on it when it's longer, so they often wear it long because they know other people like it. 

  • The frequently cut all the hair off and regrow it, rather than washing it.

  • Their parents' quirks are limb regeneration (mom) and super speed (dad).

  • They're self-conscious about their high hairline;;

  • The often use their quirk for really mundane tasks, like swatting away insects with it, or reaching for the remote control.

  • They really really love cats.


  • They can effortlessly and instantly grow their hair out, and manipulate it like an extra limb*

  • The strength of the ”limb” is relative to its size, but it's always enough to carry or lift Zen.

  • In theory there’s no limit to how large the "hair limb" can grow, but soon enough the size of it makes it too heavy and/or impractical to manage.

  • As it grows, the risk of the hair getting caught on something or getting grabbed by an enemy increases.

  • The hair is waterproof and very strong, but it's still just hair, and it wears down pretty fast. If the hair is used to punch and smash a lot, it becomes battered and frayed; making the "hair limb" eventually start coming undone, at which point Zen will cut it off and grow it out anew.

  • The hair can’t shrink or ”ungrow”; the only way to get rid of it is to cut it off .

  • Only hair that is still attached to their head can be manipulated — any hair that’s been cut lose is ”dead”.

  • They always carry a pair of large scissors on them to be able to chop the excess hair off.

  • They can also wield the scissors in close combat.

  • Their hero name is Kamisama (カミサマ).



* I use this term loosely! It doesn't necessarily mean that the hair needs to be shaped into an arm or a leg (though it can be!).


They usually present themselves in a very androgynous manner, but they like feeling cute, occasionally wear skirts, and often let their friends do their hair. They like comfortable and casual outfits in black, white and gray, and favors oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts, big sneakers and grid patterns, and sporty clothes in general. They don't really care much about fashion, but often effortlessly (read: unwittingly) end up wearing quite fashionable outfits anyway.