The presently unnamed universe that is home to my OCs contains all kinds of creatures – a bit like the Buffy and SPN universes. There are four different planes of existence in this world:

The Physical plane 

the visible reality of space and time, populated by humans etc.

The Spiritual plane 

populated by spirits and other immaterial beings.

The Astral plane 

populated by the seraphim.

The Divine plane 

populated by gods and deities.

The planes sort of overlap each other, and some people and creatures can see or sense the other planes. For example, prophets have access to the astral plane; and cats, nightwalkers and some witches can access the spiritual plane. The divine plane is strictly off limits to everyone but gods and deities. In-universe knowledge of the planes isn’t exactly universal, but it’s not uncommon to have a certain awareness of their existence.


The physical plane is inhabited by humans and a mishmash of other beings. Some species keep mostly to themselves, have their own societies, and don’t mix much with humans; others live alongside humans in mixed societies. Different areas of human societies have different ratios of mixed species. Many non-human creatures are well known and familiar to humans, but some are less known, more withdrawn and elusive than others. 

The system of law and order, and the maintenance of it, is generally a bit of a mess: all different creatures don’t answer to the same system. Most counties and areas have their own way of dealing with things; letting some kind of marshal or peacekeeper handle things. Typically, the only areas with strict laws and a more traditional police force are the “upper class” neighborhoods — and usually these are also the areas that are more segregated between species.

Upper class

Carousel, Evangeline, Stereo, Jukebox, Sunny.

Upper middle class

Alice, Milk, Eden, Samael.

Middle class

November, Haru, Gabriel, Joy, Crystal, Gogo, Julian.

Lower middle class

Eli & Judah, Flora & Lola

Lower class

Ismael, Liv, Bambi.


Eliška & Alenka are technically outcasts from their native societies by their own choice; they spend half of their time in the wilderness, and half of it roaming human areas.

Ptolemy & Raven are rich, but they live in a shabby building and prefer life in a less glamorous neighborhood, where the general view of the upholding of law and order is less enthusiastic, and more wishy-washy.


Cool Beans

The coffeeshop where Julian and Jasper work.

The Fairweather Mansion

The victorian mansion in which Carousel, Evangeline, Jukebox and Stereo live. Inherited to Carousel from her late parents. The girls who live there are sometimes referred to as sisters, but they aren’t actually related.

The Hidden Garden

November’s café. Carousel low-key works there as a waitress and occasional cake decorator; not because she needs money, but because she likes it there, and gets payed in pastries.

Knife Tsunami

An alt-rock band with visual kei, pop and electro influences. Haru sings and plays guitar, Alice plays the drums, Eden plays bass, and Jukebox plays the keyboard and synth.

Lilith's Revenge 

Sometimes stylized L♡R. A queer girl gang specialized in calling people out on their sexist bullshit; beating up men who harass girls; and accompanying and protecting girls and other people in the risk zone. Basically they're the self-proclaimed defense squad of girls and queer people.