the jock, the brute, meathead — Carousel


20 / april 1 / aries


170 cm




demiromantic bisexual


chaotic neutral






three adopted sisters; Carousel, Jukebox and Evangeline



social status

lower class (born), sort of upper class (now)


the Fairweather mansion


her natural hair color  is almost black, but she dyes it platinum blonde


Stereo is a rude and attention seeking punk who would punch the sun in the face and pick a fight with god if she could. She's loud, bossy and street-smart, and possibly the last surviving scene kid. She will steal your lunch money and kick you in the balls, and thinks everything is a competition. 

Stereo has ADHD and literally no filter, and she’s very lively and aggressive by nature. Even though Jukebox and her have been best friends since childhood, share a bedroom and do most things together when they leave the Fairweather grounds, Stereo has never been one for serious talks even with Juke — instead she tends to bottle up her emotions and use sports and vandalism as an outlet.


Despite all this, Stereo is actually pretty down to earth when she's relaxed. However, her punk ass image is very important to her — she doesn't want to appear weak (or even worse; dumb), so she never really gets serious other than in private, with Eli or Evangeline.




loud music, video games, dares, neon lights, Pokémon, comics, Mountain Dew, fast food


being questioned, being told what to do, routines, early mornings, silence, being hungry


Bring Me The Horizon, M.I.A, Hollywood Undead, Hadouken!


Naruto, One Punch Man, Jackass


Kill Bill, Deadpool


Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Deadpool




Dr Pepper



  • She’s pretty strong and athletic.

  • She loves parkour and skateboarding.

  • She has “NO GODS" and “NO MASTERS” tattooed above her knees.

  • She’s an anarchist.

  • She'll do anything on a dare. Anything. (Usually it's Jukebox who make the dares).

  • She can get very frustrated with herself when she's left alone with her thoughts for too long.

  • Sometimes bottles up her emotions to the point of banging her head against a wall to relieve the pressure.

  • Basically every other sentence she speaks is "fight me" or "what the fuck".

  • She eats bell peppers like apples.

  • Probably drinks a bit too much.

  • She gives everyone nicknames. Everyone.



Jukebox and Stereo grew up together in an orphanage. When Jukebox was about to get adopted and separated from her bestie, they ran away together. They lived on the street, surviving by stealing and pick-pocketing, before Carousel eventually found them and took them in. Now they live together with Carousel and Evangeline in the Fairweather mansion.


Having a roof over their heads and food on their plates, Stereo and Jukebox didn’t change their ways in the slightest, and they’re notorious in the neighborhood as the Double-Trouble Terror Duo™. They trespass, shoplift, vandalize and wreak havoc in general. Their other hobbies include skateboarding, parkour, filming vines (rip), running from the police, and any combination of those things. Stereo is the more reckless of the duo, and Jukebox the slightly more reasonable one.
The duo often tell Carousel beforehand if they’re planning some over the top shenanigans that day, so that Carousel can be there and have a front row seat when all hell breaks lose.  

Since she moved to Fairweather, Stereo’s slowly starting to open up a bit about herself and her thoughts; only to Evangeline though. Evangeline isn’t surprised by anything, and whatever things Stereo tells her, she knows that Evangeline’s probably’s seen (or done) worse.



She wears mostly tees and tank tops with bold prints, cut-off denim shorts, colorful skinny jeans and varsity/bomber jackets. Her wardrobe is an explosion of neon green, pink, black and yellow. She likes Drop Dead clothing, converse shoes, rubber bracelets and baseball caps. 


Evangeline is Stereo's close friend, and also the object of her affection. Stereo’s ADHD gives her a hard time sitting still, concentrating etc, but Evangeline for some reason has a calming effect on her, and in her company Stereo can sit relatively calm and peaceful for longer periods of time. She often goes into Eve’s room to read, tags along with her on forest walks, or hangs out with her in the sun on the terrace roof. Stereo is the only person who gets away with calling Evangeline ‘Eevee’ — not that anyone else has the balls to even try.

Stereo and Jukebox are best friends from the cradle to the grave, and together they terrorize the neighborhood. They know each other better than the back of their own hands, and always appear in synch. There is literally nothing they wouldn't do for each other. Stereo is the more reckless of the duo, and Jukebox the slightly more reasonable one.

Stereo and Carousel are a lot like siblings, and quibble and tease each other a lot. They don't really have a lot of common interests, but like being around each other. Out of the Fairweather girls, Stereo is the one most likely to call Carousel out on her bullshit. Stereo calls Carousel ‘princess’, and Carousel calls Stereo 'brute', 'jock', and 'meathead'.

Stereo and Lee are dating, but first and foremost, they're really good friends. There's an uncharacteristically deep mutual trust between them, and they seem to bring out a softer side in one another.

She's friends with his brother and his crush, so… they're kind of friends by proxy? No? Maybe he's more like the annoying little brother she never wanted, and who she just loves to hate.

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