Sam, "Sammy" — Alice


24 / march 1 / pisces


201 cm






lawful good






dad, Alphonse (disowned); mom, Santi (deceased); cousin, Alice


prophet, fortune teller

social status

upper middle class


shares an apartment with Gabriel


he's a beautiful and feminine cis boy ~


Samael is a sad, intelligent and soft-spoken star child. He's suave, polite and tall enough to reach the stars. Very kind towards other people, but equally self-destructive. He worries a lot. He poses as a fortune teller, but is actually a prophet. He wishes he wasn’t. He’s very thoughtful and caring, and hides his self-destructive tendencies behind a smile. He always wears fresh flowers in his hair. Collects crystals, glitter and incense.


Florence + the Machine, Troye Sivan, Sora






Sandman, Sky Doll, Hellblazer






absinthe, incense, nice clothes, lotuses, religious imagery, crystals, glitter, the moon, rhinestones, cherry blossoms, accessories, jasmine, the virgin Mary


greasy hair, dirty dishes and clothes, meat, loud voices, feeling vulnerable



  • He wears accessories and layers of scarves and shawls like armor, and feels very vulnerable in just jeans and a t-shirt. 

  • He’s covered in scars, which he hides from everyone except for Alice and Gabriel.

  • He’s a a recovering anorectic.

  • He’s a vegetarian.

  • He has an IQ of 144.

  • His cousin Alice is the only person who’s allowed to call him Sammy.

  • His favorite hobbies include reading, playing video games, and watching movies.

  • His favorite song is O Magnum Mysterium.

  • He's sometimes misgendered, but as long as it’s a honest mistake, and not done with malicious intent it doesn’t bother him.



Samael is a prophet; he can see and hear the creatures called seraphim, and he can’t “turn it off”. Consequently, he knows a lot more about the world – and the way things are – than most people; and he knows things that will happen to the people he sees. His ears are always ringing with angelic voices, and he gets constant headaches. No wonder he suffers from severe anxiety. He has a seraph companion, his own personal divine consort, whom he's taken to calling Jules. Jules is always there, invisible to everyone but Samael and other prophets; watching over him, commenting on the people Sam meets, sharing their vast knowledge with him. It's a bit annoying at times, but Jules has always been there, and Samael can't really imagine what it would be like to not have them around. 

Sam has been bullied and harassed his entire life, both for his height and his feminine looks, and he developed depression early on. His mother was the light of his life, but she died when he was a teenager, and Sam… did not take it well. He’s seen a lot of psychiatrists and made more than a few trips to mental institutions, but other than his mother’s death, the prophet business is a major reason for Sam being a bit of a mess, and it’s not exactly something he can bring up to the doctors.

After his mother’s death Sam had to live with his father who was very abusive. Sam wanted to die. Eventually he met Gabriel, who soon discovered that Sam was being awfully mistreated at home. Since Gabe was already looking for a flatmate, he offered Sam to move in, which Samael gratefully accepted. They started out as friends, but eventually became boyfriends.

Sam still struggles with depression, overwhelming feelings of being worthless and a burden to everyone, and occasional panic attacks, but he’s in a better place now than he used to be. He feels safe at home for the first time since his mother died; Gabriel is very supportive, understanding and patient; and it seems like things are looking up.

Samael has told Gabriel a little bit about the goshdarn angel business, but keeps most of it between himself and his cousin Alice. Other than being a prophet, Sam is also a tarot- and palm reader. He has opened up a little fortune-teller parlor next door to The Hidden Garden, where he tries help people and do the best of his situation.



Samael wears skinny glittery pants, velvet scarves, chiffon kimono jackets and lace robes; he has an extravagant taste. He likes floral prints, religious motifs, fringes, tassels and Givenchy. Most of his wardrobe goes in black, pink, gold and midnight blue. He wears lots of heavy jewelry, rings, rhinestones and glitter galore, and always wears a couple of fresh flowers in his hair. He doesn’t like showing a lot of skin.


Samael and Gabriel have been together for almost 3 years. They have a lot in common, like comics and movies, and they’re both gentle souls. Samael is kind of an emotional mess and has a lot of issues — he needs constant approval and validation — but Gabriel is very supportive and has an angel’s patience, so they make it work. They’re very happy together, and super domestic, like... they flirt while cooking dinner, and fall asleep entwined on the sofa.

Alice is Samael’s cousin and very close friend. They have known each other since they were kids, but they grew up on different continents and didn’t see each other much – they used to skype a bunch tho. Finally they ended up moving into the same town, and they soon became really close friends. Alice is the person who knows the most about Samael’s angel troubles, and she’s the only one who’s allowed to call him Sammy.

Jules is the seraph assigned to Samael, and is his constant companion, invisible to most other people. Samael likes Jules. It's a bit like having an imaginary friend, except they're not imaginary.

He's very good friends with November, whose café is next door to Samael's fortune-telling parlor. November provides Sam with fresh flowers for his hair and his parlor every day.

Samael met Milk through November. The two of them like to sit and watch people, discussing things like “what do you think that person’s rising sign is”.

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