KANJI: 昭原 龍之甫

AGE: 26










Cats, tigers, coffee, caviar, being active, movie nights.


Hair styling, singing karaoke, driving his motorbike.


Dull days, bullies, being alone.







Ryu is passionate and energetic, and his appearance reflects that. Themes often associated with him are tigers, dragons, gold, flames and fire.


In modern times, Ryu wears mostly hype beast/ulzzang boy outfits in yellow, orange and black, with some white and gray. In other words: he loves sporty, comfortable, layered outfits and expensive sneakers. Despite wearing a lot of hoodies and active wear, he always makes sure to look stylish. He takes good care of himself, and always shows up with a fresh face and luscious hair… it makes you wonder if it's just his skin care routine, or if he's really just that effortlessly gorgeous.



  • He has a scar on his right cheek.

  • His eyes are golden, and always look a bit like he's smiling.

  • His hair is a warm yellow at the base, and gradually becomes orange about halfway down.

  • His hair is a bit wild, and some strands from his bangs always fall on his face.

  • His default hairstyle in modern times is a half-updo, with the top layer of his hair in a high-ish bun.

  • He has a golden ring in his right eyebrow.

  • Any number of black or golden earrings in both ears.

  • He has a TIGER TATTOO on his upper right arm.

  • He has a golden DRAGON TATTOO that covers his back.



When it comes to modern outfits, you're welcome to either use one of the outfits below, dress him up yourself in a similar style, or draw him in something from his pinterest/moodboard. Keep in mind that he cares about his appearance a lot, so it's important to not make his outfits look too shabby.

His tattoos may be difficult to replicate exactly, so you may trace them, or take some liberties with their designs when drawing.



Ryu is a passionate and energetic person with a taste for the finer things in life, and his appearance reflects that. His color palette is mainly golden yellow, orange, and red. Themes often associated with him are tigers, dragons, gold, flames and fire.


  • He has a scar on his right cheek.

  • His eyes are golden, and he always look a bit like he's smiling.

  • His hair color goes from warm yellow at the base to orange at the tips.

  • His hair is a bit wild, and reminiscent of flames. Some strands from his bangs always fall on his face.

  • His default hairstyle in the KIMETSU NO YAIBA AU is a high ponytail.

  • In the KIMETSU NO YAIBA AU he doesn't have any tattoos or piercings.

  • The dragon on his katana guard can be replaced with a simple scale pattern.


The buttons on his uniform jacket are golden, and he wears black tabi socks. I simplify the pants a lot, but they're actually pleated hakama pants. You can interpret them as you like!


The More You Know


His full given name is Ryūnosuke, but he goes by just Ryu. He's a cheerful and laid-back person, but a good listener, and very passionate about his work and hobbies. He takes most things in stride and always makes an effort to look on the bright side of things. If he were an animal, he would be a tiger.


His story is entwined with a boy named Haruka*, who he used to work together with as demon slayers in a past life. Their story didn't end well in the past, but they are both reincarnated later and given a second chance. In the modern universe storyline Ryu has no recollection of his past life, but Haruka sometimes has strange dreams that seem more like memories.

Because Ryu died feeling content — in the arms of the person he loved, and knowing that he fulfilled his duty as a demon slayer — those feelings carried over into his next life. So when he is reincarnated, his soul is at peace, and when he meets Haru, Ryu's feelings for him return almost immediately. Haru on the other hand didn't realize his feelings for Ryu until Ryu died, so Haru lives the rest of his life filled with regret. When he is reincarnated those feelings are carried over, and because his soul is unrestful, he's plagued by nightmares about losing someone important, and a feeling of wanting to do things differently this time.

*Haruka belongs to @perisceris!


  • Ryu is very agile and catlike.

  • He is ambidextrous, and can wield his sword (or scissors) in either hand.

  • Ryu's motobike is a 2020 Harley-Davidson Street 750, with a custom fire orange paint job.

  • In the KIMETSU NO YAIBA AU he was trained by Rengoku, and he looks up to and takes after both him and Uzui a lot.

  • The Japanese spelling of his family name, Akibara/昭原 can be read as "shining bright field". Ryūnosuke/龍之甫 is spelled with the kanji for "dragon" and "beginning". Ryu/龍 alone means "dragon".




Ryu lost his parents as a child, and was instead raised by his grandparents. It was a tough time, but since then things have kind of just been working out for him. He comes from money, his grandparents are really loving and coddle him a lot, he got into the hair stylist program he applied for later, then he got hired at an alternative hair salon that is just his style… So since he was a kid, he's never really had a reason to worry that much. He doesn't dwell too much on the past, and is a bit of a happy-go-lucky person.

Visually speaking, Ryu looks… loud. His piercings and his brightly colored hair and clothes make him hard to ignore if you're in the same room. And he does like being noticed. Part of the reason behind his whole aesthetic is simply that bright colors make him happy, but the part of it is also simply that he knows that life is short, and he just wants to live to the fullest. Subconsciously, there's a part of him that wants to be noticed. He doesn't need to be the center of attention, but he doesn't like being ignored.


If you don't know him, it's easy to assume that Ryu's personality is as loud as his outfits — but if you talk to him, he's actually just kind of a sweet, charming guy. He's friendly and relaxed, and his positive aura tends to put other people at ease. He's also surprisingly observant, and a really good listener. All in all, he's very easy to like. And he likes being liked, to the point where he takes it childishly personal if someone doesn't seem immediately smitten by him. If someone acts rude or grumpy towards him, he'll still be thinking about it when he goes to sleep that night.


Ryu is from a wealthy family, but his parents die in a car crash when he's just a kid. Ryu survives, badly bruised, and with a deep gash on his face that eventually turns into a scar. After the accident, he is raised by his grandparents, who take very good care of him. Despite a rough start, he grows up to be a positive guy who always tries to make the best of any situation.


In his early 20s he starts working as a hairdresser. One day a boy named Haru walks into his salon, and Ryu more or less falls in love right then and there. They talk a bit as Ryu does Haru's hair, and they learn that they have a friend in common; a girl named Hanabi. Haru returns to Ryu's salon a few times for hair dye upkeep, and they eventually start hanging out and becoming friends.


Ryu has his feelings for Haru figured out pretty much from the beginning, but it takes a long time for Haru to accept his. Ryu can tell that Haru has some baggage, so, while nothing can stop him from openly flirting with him from moment they meet, he waits patiently for Haru to give him the green light, or make the first move. But before that happens, Hanabi disappears, and Ryu and Haru are dragged into a word full of dark secrets and supernatural horrors.


In the end, all it takes for Haru to finally admit his feelings to himself and confess to Ryu, is his best friend getting spirited away, and Ryu getting possessed by a demon. But in the end, they get Hanabi back, defeat the demon, and start dating.


*KIMETSU NO YAIBA is a popular manga/anime about an organized group of demon slayers in Japan during the Taishō era. Ryu and Haruka's storyline is not canon-compliant: the young main protagonists of the manga/anime don't exist in this AU.



Ryu is a flame breath user who [KIMETSU NO YAIBA SPOILER] takes over as the flame pillar after Rengoku dies. He's very confident and energetic, and though he does enjoy lounging and enjoying the finer things in life in his downtime, he loves the excitement of going on missions. While his cheerful personality makes him seem like a carefree person, he takes his job very seriously, and is very capable when it comes to the art of killing demons.


KNY AU Ryu is louder and more deliberately flashy than Modern Times Ryu. He thrives off attention, and wants to be a beaming ray of light and hope and inspiration to people. Being a demon slayer gives him a strong sense of purpose, and he truly feels like he was born to protect people.

He is ambidextrous and very agile, which allows him to effortlessly switch his sword from one hand to the other to throw of his opponent. His fighting style is very showy, and incorporates a lot of elaborate spins and backflips. 



Ryu is from a wealthy family, and has a taste for luxurious things and fancy food. He got his scar when he was 11 and had his first brush with demons. His town came under attack and his family was murdered in front of him, but a demon slayer — Rengoku — swept in and saved Ryu at the last moment. Ryu immediately knew that he wanted to be like that man; someone with a presence that instills hope in other people, and who is dependable and strong enough to protect others.

He starts training under Rengoku, who uses a flame breathing technique, breezes through the final selection, and becomes a demon slayer using the same sword style as his mentor. After some time he ends up going on a mission with an other slayer named Haruka. Haruka is a quiet and serious person who hides his emotions, and is very much Ryu's opposite — but they complement each other really well, and they soon form a team. They both develop feelings for each other over time, but they never confess.

Ryu is the kind of person who wants to commit himself completely; he doesn't want to make any compromises, or make any promises that he can't keep. He won't confess to Haruka, because he knows that as long as he's a slayer, his job will have to be his first priority, and he knows that if Haruka and him become romantically involved, his heart will be divided. If he ends up in a situation where he has to choose, he won't have time to hesitate. And as long as he has his duties, he can't choose Haruka. Similarly, he believes that Haruka deserves someone who will always choose him first.

Ryu eventually meets his end while on a mission. He gets severely injured during a long and difficult fight, but manages to deal the finishing blow to the demon before collapsing from blood loss. He dies in Haruka's arms with a smile on his face, comforted by the presence of the person he loves, and the knowledge that he saved a town and fulfilled his duty. He dies with no regrets.



Haru and Ryu are opposites, but work very well together — in their past lives and in this one. Haru is the light of Ryu's life, and Ryu knew that he loved him from the moment he first saw him.


Character & art by @PERISCERIS.


Hanabi is Haru's childhood friend, who Ryu met on Instagram before meeting Haru. After Haru and Ryu start dating, Ryu and Hanabi start hanging out as well: chilling, taking pictures, and doing face masks together.


Character & art by @PERISCERIS.

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