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162 cm






neutral evil









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a shabby-looking brownstone she shares with Ptolemy



Raven is sultry and charismatic, but also manipulative, vindictive and power-hungry — and able to kill you in a thousand different ways. Her boyfriend is a literal demon, but she’s still somehow the dominant one of the couple. She's very intelligent and calculating, something she uses both to plan hits and to exploit people and wrap them around her finger. Though she cares very little for others, she can be very charming if it's to her advantage. A bringer of death and mayhem.


Lana del Rey, Garbage, Rihanna, Lady Gaga





red apples


red wine



smoke, money, wine, expensive underwear, hookahs, guns, boots, snakes, cats, and the smell of money, gunpowder and eucalyptus





  • She's very intelligent analytical. She can come up with meticulously prepared plans, quickly analyze a situation and make decisions on the fly, and is swift to improvise in pressed situations.

  • She smells like decadence and absinthe. 


Raven was bort a few thousand years ago. At one point she was violently assaulted, and seeking bloody revenge she turned to Ptolemy, a demon. If Ptolemy would find the perpetrators and help her exact retribution, she was willing to give her “blood, body, soul, anything” in return. More precisely, her request was for Ptolemy to round up her violators and to assist her, but she wanted to be the one carrying out her vengeance. 

For a human, Raven turned out to be extremely bloodthirsty and very creative, to the point where she left quite the impression on Ptolemy. Raven on the other hand was attracted to Ptolemy’s raw power, and in the heat of the moment they ended up doing something very stupid. Originating from different dimensions, their kinds were not supposed to… get together. Doing so was an affront to the gods (who at that time were a lot more involved in what was going on on earth than they are nowadays), and the gods were pissed. And so, because Raven and Ptolemy couldn’t keep it in their pants, an entire civilization suffered the consequences.

Everything within a 500 kilometer radius perished. Raven and Ptolemy emerged from the rubble, surrounded by desert for miles and miles. Their punishment was a twisted kind of immortality: they’d both live and die forever. They’d live for some time, but soon enough their bodies would start to deteriorate and they’d die, but it wouldn’t be permanent, and so they’d die again and again. Isolation was probably supposed to play a part in their penance too, as no really one really expected them to stay together, but they stuck. They weren’t really in a position to be picky about their company. 

It's a horrible way to live, but honestly, over time they’ve adjusted quite well. 



Being immortal, you have to find ways not only to put food on the table, but also to keep things interesting through the centuries… since both Ptolemy and Raven were already not all that well adjusted socially speaking, it sort of made sense for them to use the whole immortality thing to their advantage by taking on the kind of jobs that could potentially kill you. Raven’s maiming career had already gotten its kick-start with the revenge on her assaulters, and Ptolemy - being a demon and all - was already quite experienced in the art of inflicting of pain, horror and death onto people. So they became mercenaries and, as they developed more finesse (not to mention business skills), professional killers. 

They don’t only murder people though; they can also be hired to just maim, or extract information, or do other high-risk jobs that most other people would turn down because of the high likelihood that they themselves would die on the job. Raven and Ptolemy don’t worry about trivial things like death and dying — it’s really just a minor setback; the job will take a little bit longer, that’s all. 



She's a lifestyle goth, and wears mostly high-waisted shorts, black lace, leather and lace-up clothes in black, grey, gold & plum. She loves fishnets, mesh, boots, harnesses, and expensive underwear. Her style is sophisticated but comfortable. 


Ptolemy is her lover and partner in crime. They work together, live together, and sleep together, but they're both quite messed up, and though they play the part they're not really in love. In a way, he sees her as his toy, and she sees him as her guard dog, but they're also friends? They're practically untouchable, they've known each other for such a long time they know exactly where they've got each other.

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