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195 cm





chaotic evil









social status



a shabby-looking brownstone he shares with Raven


has three deep scars over the right side of his face and his nose


Ptolemy is an immortal full-time asshole with a god-complex. He's a demon stuck in a human body, and he works as a first-class hit man, mercenary and brute force for hire. He’s rude, proud and short-tempered, and has a penchant for classical music, fast cars, bourbon and murder. Hobbies include kicking people, maiming people, killing people and reading.

He used to be a demon, but he and Raven seriously pissed off a god, and so now they’re both roaming the earth for eternity, condemned to die awful deaths over and over. As a former demon, for Ptolemy a part of this punishment is being confined in a mortal body.




whiskey, bourbon, classic music, guns, knives, mahogany, leather, gold, the smell of gunpowder and sulphur


hippies, politicians


Misfits, classic composers




Paradise Lost


rare steak




  • His and Raven’s place has guns, knives, and expensive liquor scattered all over the place.

  • He often wears crosses and other things supposed to ward off evil, because as a demon, he thinks it’s fucking hilarious. 

  • Anything Ptolemy does, he does for his own personal amusement.

  • His lover Raven is the one who decides which jobs they take. Actually, he let’s her pretty much boss him around in general. He thinks it’s amusing, letting someone whose skull he could easily crush with one hand call the shots.

  • If someone manages to injure him in close combat he takes it very personal, and that person's end will suddenly become that much more grisly.



Demons are very powerful, complex beings from a dimension incredibly different from ours. They’re also soulless; so it’s not that his soul has been linked to a flesh suit, it’s like his very existence (something huge and up until now unconstrained) has been crammed and confined into something that to him is smaller than the size of a thimble.

Fundamentally, Ptolemy is a messed up and completely unnatural life form: he’s a demon in a mortal body, but after spending such a long time on earth, robbed of his supernatural powers, stuck in flesh, having to maintain a vessel that is so much smaller and infinitely more fragile compared to what he used to have… Being confined like this, on one plane, in one form, has inevitably twisted him into something else. Now, other demons would never acknowledge him as one of them. Despite all of this, compared to people, Ptolemy still considers himself a god among ants. 



A relatively young demon, Ptolemy was one of many summoned to do various tasks in the ancient Egypt, little things, like building pyramids and stuff. Between assignments he would take on side jobs to pass the time; he’d make lesser contracts with people other than his “employer”, offering his services in exchange for things like the blood or soul of the client. That’s how he met Raven; she had been violently assaulted and wanted bloody revenge. If Ptolemy would find the perpetrators and help her exact retribution, she was willing to give her “blood, body, soul, anything” in return. More precisely, her request was for Ptolemy to round up the violators and to assist her, but she wanted to be the one carrying out her vengeance. 

For a human, Raven turned out to be extremely bloodthirsty and very creative, to the point where she left quite the impression on Ptolemy. Raven on the other hand was attracted to Ptolemy’s raw power, and in the heat of the moment they ended up doing something very stupid. Originating from different dimensions, their kinds were not supposed to… get together. Doing so was an affront to the gods (who at that time were a lot more involved in what was going on on earth than they are nowadays), and the gods were pissed. And so, because Raven and Ptolemy couldn’t keep it in their pants, an entire civilization suffered the consequences.

Everything within a 500 kilometer radius perished. Raven and Ptolemy emerged from the rubble, surrounded by desert for miles and miles. Their punishment was a twisted kind of immortality: they’d both live and die forever. They’d live for some time, but soon enough their bodies would start to deteriorate and they’d die, but it wouldn’t be permanent, and so they’d die again and again. Isolation was probably supposed to play a part in their penance too, as no really one really expected them to stay together, but they stuck. They weren’t really in a position to be picky about their company. 

It's a horrible way to live, but honestly, over time they’ve adjusted quite well. 



Being immortal, you have to find ways not only to put food on the table, but also to keep things interesting through the centuries… since both Ptolemy and Raven were already not all that well adjusted socially speaking, it sort of made sense for them to use the whole immortality thing to their advantage by taking on the kind of jobs that could potentially kill you. Raven’s maiming career had already gotten its kick-start with the revenge on her assaulters, and Ptolemy - being a demon and all - was already quite experienced in the art of inflicting of pain, horror and death onto people. So they became mercenaries and, as they developed more finesse (not to mention business skills), professional killers. 

They don’t only murder people though; they can also be hired to just maim, or extract information, or do other high-risk jobs that most other people would turn down because of the high likelihood that they themselves would die on the job. Raven and Ptolemy don’t worry about trivial things like death and dying — it’s really just a minor setback; the job will take a little bit longer, that’s all. 



Ptolemy wears black, white and gray outfits with golden rings and necklaces. He likes denim, leather jackets and biker boots. Half of his wardrobe is made up of casual tees, tank tops and jeans; the other half is suits, waistcoats & skinny ties. 


Ptolemy is her lover and partner in crime. They work together, live together, and sleep together, but they're both quite messed up, and though they play the part they're not really in love. In a way, he sees her as his toy, and she sees him as her guard dog, but they're also friends? They're practically untouchable, they've known each other for such a long time they know exactly where they've got each other.

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