"kiddo" — Ismael


20 / march 20 / pisces


169 cm






neutral good








social status

lower class


shares a small studio apartment with Ismael


she has albinism and roundish eyebrows


Liv is a merry and whimsical girl, who mostly just goes with the flow. A day dreaming, star gazing moon child. She's very friendly, and over all well-meaning, but a bit naïve, and somewhat clueless to social norms. She gets very easily excited about things, and few things make her uneasy. She's a cinnamon roll too pure for this world. 

She never went to school, and there’s a lot of things she’s oblivious to; she’s not a rational thinker. She makes decisions based solely on her feelings; she follows her heart. She always believes in the best of people, and she has so much love to give, she’s practically overflowing with it.



soft things, blue things, stars, rain, clouds, violets, blackberries, animals, forget-me-nots


arguments, shouting/raised voices, sudden noises, the smell of gasoline, wasps, fire, locked doors


Vanessa Carlton, Kimya Dawson




Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Storyland of Stars


sponge cake





  • She has poor hearing in one ear.

  • She's obsessed with the color blue, but she thinks blood-red is very beautiful too.

  • She takes every opportunity she gets to make flower-crowns for her friends.

  • She used to self-harm before she met Ismael – not so much with the intent to hurt herself, but rather just to look at the red stuff, since everyone around her seemed so hung-up on her lack of color.

  • She's infertile, and has has triple X syndrome.

  • She loves skinship SO MUCH.

  • Nothing ever really gets her down? She takes setbacks with a shrug, and the word “failure” isn’t even in her vocabulary. She’s relentlessly positive.



Liv is an orphan; she grew up in a small village and was basically the punching bag of everyone there, because of a belief that all albinos are evil (or, more precisely; they believe that one will bring on the apocalypse, and they think that it might be Liv). 

Eventually she meets Ismael, and she’s like HE! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOOKS LIKE ME :000 ! ! ! ! ! !. And Liv has taken a lot of beatings in her days, and tends to flinch at sudden movements and raised voices, but Ismael 1) looks like her, 2) speaks quietly and 3) always moves sooo lazily, that to Liv there’s nothing threatening about him at all. So she wants to come with him and he’s like “fine whatever I guess”. 

So now they live together and look after each other. Ismael literally never cared about his own well-being before, but he’s very invested in keeping Liv well-fed and happy, and Liv always makes sure Ismael eats too.

They live in a small studio apartment on the top floor of a run-down apartment building. The landlady invites them down for dinner sometimes, and Liv plays with her cat.



She likes comfortable clothes in cotton, in simple cuts, playful motifs, florals and polka dots. All her clothes are thrifted, found or hand-me-downs, and most of them go in baby blue, cream and periwinkle colors. She has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies, so the fabrics she wears have to be very soft.


Ismael is Liv’s soulmate™. She loves him so much, she worships him. She thinks he’s beautiful and strong and amazing, and she’s so happy to be around this tin man. And Ismael cherishes Liv above anything else. He's a good listener, and never get tired of hearing Liv talk. They feel calm and safe in each other's presence. 

Bambi is not the kind of person to make friends at all, but Liv decided to be Bambi’s friend from the moment they met. Even though Bambi initially tried her best to make her go away, Liv wasn’t having any of it, and she started hanging out with Bambi anyway. Most of the time Bambi acts like she merely ~endures~ Liv’s friendship, but she’s actually grown quite fond of her overly enthusiastic friend, and when it comes down to it, she’s very protective of the whimsical girl. Liv thinks Bambi is very Cute and Exciting and Cool™, and she loves her a lot.

November, the cake-baking forest creature, is something of an older sister figure to Liv. November teaches Liv things like how to braid hair, tie pretty bows, and how to make daisy-chains. Liv thinks November is a curious and amazing creature who knows a lot of Important Things, and November is delighted by how earnest and high-spirited Liv is. They like each other a lot.


(November doesn’t like Ismael one bit though. She thinks he’s Creepy and Unsettling, and she thinks Liv deserves better. Liv couldn’t care less.)

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