Juke, "noodles" — Eli 


18 / feb 13 / aquarius


158 cm






chaotic good






three adopted sisters: Stereo, Evangeline and Carousel


part-time keyboard demonstrator

social status

lower class (born), sort of upper class (now)


the Fairweather mansion


she has heterochromia: her right eye is light blue, and the left is brown. 


Jukebox is basically an intergalactic trouble-maker, and a die-hard believer in aliens. A spirited and quirky joker, who's literally never not thinking about space. Might be an extraterrestrial searching for her mothership.

She’s a clever, spirited and outgoing gal, who likes to entertain and to be the center of attention. Juke might seem like a bit of an air-head at times, but she’s very clever – and when it comes to technology — especially computers — she’s a natural. Her biggest hobbies are dancing, scouting for UFOs, and making music and playing it to her pet snake.

Her and Stereo grew up together, share a room in the Fairweather mansion, and are more or less inseparable. Of the two of them, Stereo is the one who's always slightly… more of everything, and Jukebox is the one that has to drag Stereo’s messed up ass home when she’s fallen off the skateboard, tumbled down a set of concrete stairs, or faceplanted on the sidewalk.

— Ayy lmao




electronic music, hair dye, aliens, glitch art, spacey stuff, video games, lava lamps, energy drinks, robots, and slime


the straights™


Tomandandy, Slime Girls, Skrillex, Die Antwoord, Sleigh Bells


The X-Files, FLCL, Attack on Titan, Paranoia Agent


The Fifth Element, Blade Runner, the Alien movies


Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan




instant ramen


  • She loves dancing.

  • She has an albino burmese python called Disco.

  • Her dream is to meet an alien, or at least see a UFO.

  • She changes her hairstyle and color a lot.

  • She loves dubstep and nightcore music…

  • She loves inlines.

  • She plays the keyboard in Knife Tsunami.

  • She's into a lot of weird hentai shit.

  • Her first instinct upon seeing something new and weird is to lick it. She tries not to.

  • She's a conspiracy theorist. Aliens and men in black is her main dish, but she's really into just… conspiracies in general.



Jukebox and Stereo grew up together in an orphanage. When Jukebox was about to get adopted and separated from her bestie, they ran away together. They lived on the street, surviving by stealing and pick-pocketing, before Carousel eventually found them and took them in. Now they live together with Carousel and Evangeline in the Fairweather mansion.

Having a roof over their heads and food on their plates, Stereo and Jukebox didn’t change their ways in the slightest, and they’re notorious in the neighborhood as the Double-Trouble Terror Duo™. They trespass, shoplift, vandalize and wreak havoc in general. Their other hobbies include skateboarding, parkour, filming vines (rip), running from the police, and any combination of those things. Stereo is the more reckless of the duo, and Jukebox the slightly more reasonable one.


The duo often tell Carousel beforehand if they’re planning some over the top shenanigans that day, so that Carousel can be there and watch, and have a front row seat when all hell breaks lose.  



‘Health goth’ mixed with space punk. Black adidas joggers and harem pants, and grey, lilac, silver and neon green 90’s fashion. She’s got a lot of oversized t-shirts and holographic, shiny, iridescent stuff. A lot of her stuff has aliens and eyeball motifs.


Stereo and Jukebox are best friends from the cradle to the grave, and together they terrorize the neighborhood. They know each other better than the back of their own hands, and always appear in synch. There is literally nothing they wouldn't do for each other.

Carousel and Jukebox are two sides of the same coin: both love pranks and building robots, and get easily obsessed with things. Carousel has a knack for building and engineering, and Jukebox is a genius when it comes to software, and every now and then they turn Carousel’s room into a robot lab.

Milk and Jukebox are close friends, and hang out a lot. They're both space nerds, and often discuss UFO sightings and conspiracy theories. The two of them also like to dance together; sometimes they make dance covers of kpop choreos and post them online (their channel name is milkbox).

When it comes to Evangeline, the fourth Fairweather girl, her and Jukebox don’t really have much common ground, and they’re the only of the Fairweather girls to never hang out alone with each other. They don’t have anything against each other, and they’ll definitely have each other’s back if something happened; they just simply don’t have much to talk about.

Jukebox considers Judah the annoying friend™, and might only put up with him because he's a really good dancer. But they have fun together, and tend to have impromptu dance battles literally anywhere. They're really dance compatible, have impromptu dance battles literally anywhere, pull a lot of public stunts — and are probably annoying as heck to try to maneuver around in the grocery store.

Knife Tsunami

Juke in the band Knife Tsunami, together with Haru, Eden and Alice. She plays the keyboard, and her and Haru write most of the music together. They don’t really hang out a lot outside of band practice, but they have a blast when they do get together.

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