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chaotic neutral






barista at Cool Beans

social status

upper middle class



Jasper is androgyne, falling somewhere between male and nonbinary on the gender spectrum, but he usually prefers masculine pronouns


Jasper is self-assured, charming and charismatic. They're the kind of person who seems reliable and looks like they have their shit together; but still get worked up easily, and tend to wildly overreact when they're teased or embarrassed. Their friends tend to view them kind of like an older sibling; annoying but loyal, and someone who has your back when you really need it.


He's very intelligent and observant, but prefers to present himself as more of a laid-back, carefree, and sort of indifferent kind of person. He cares a lot more than he likes to admit, and always speaks his mind. However, it's usually done with an innocent and sincere expression, and if you don't know him well you'll have a hard time telling whether he's really that perceptive or if he just stumbled on an insightful thought by accident. He always has the charm turned up to eleven around strangers and customers, but has no qualms about turning it off around his friends. Without the charm he's more of a snarky wise-guy than anything else.

He likes to put on this carefully crafted persona of someone who is fun and chill, and easy to admire from afar, but beneath the polished facade is a more sly and calculating person, who more often than not appears to have some ulterior motives. He likes to get people to open up to him and get them to tell him all the juicy gossip. Mostly he keeps these things to himself for his own amusement (or benefit), but he's also a bit of a puppet-master who secretly likes to meddle, and watch things play out from "the shadows". He might start to seem like a bit of a dubious character when you get to know him better, and he definitely likes to act like it — but he's not a bad person, and when he meddles he tends to… use his powers for good so to say.

TLDR: Jasper an okay person who acts like a villain who pretends to be an angel.

"don't call me darling"



butterflies, moths, cats, gossip, fun facts about serial killers


being called by just his last name


Jeffrey Lewis


Forensic Files


Silence of the Lambs


My Favorite Murder



Iced coffee




  • He's a lepidopterist, and has a large collection of butterflies and moths. 

  • He curses his family name on a daily basis.

  • He lives with the constant feeling that he's surrounded by idiots (though that might just be his co-worker Julian's unshakable presence).

  • He has a dry sense of humor.

  • His favorite category of lepitoptera is the saturniidae. 

  • His favorite moth is Saturnia Pyri (aka the great peacock moth, or giant emperor moth).

  • He wants to find love, and goes on a lot of dates, but… because people first get to know his charming persona, they're usually a bit put off when they finally get a glimpse of the real Jasper. So even if he has no problem getting dates, they never seem to lead to anything serious.

  • Eden: hey mothman
    Jasper: don't call me that
    Eden: okay darling
    Jasper: don't call me that either



He usually wears light colors in pink and beige shades, and sometimes blacks and browns, but always looks chic and preppy.


Julian and Jasper are co-workers at Cool Beans, a coffeehouse. Their chemistry is a lot like… Jasper is a cat and Julian is a big dumb golden retriever. Jasper suffers because Julian is an idiot who constantly tests his patience, and Julian suffers because Jasper smacks the back of his head whenever he does or says anything dumb (which is often). Somehow they still get along.


Customers love it when their shifts line up, because they’re both pretty boys, and they’re both really peppy and charming, and watching them quip and banter is quite entertaining. 

Eden and Jasper met on a true crime online forum, and one day ran into each other by chance. Now they meet up regularly to discuss the latest episode of My Favorite Murder and other things. 


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