bad names, probably


26 / january 1 / capricorn


197 cm






true neutral








building caretaker

social status

lower class


he shares a small studio apartment with Liv


he has albinism, and a longish almost horizontal scar over his sternum

he has big hands!


A scrawny and lethargic insomniac with zero people-skills. Emotionally constipated. He looks like he wants to murder everybody in the world, and has a scary reputation, but is mostly just very tired and wants to be left alone. The kind of person who smokes cigarettes because he’s too lazy to kill himself. The only person on this godless earth he cherishes is Liv.

Ismael is lazy and seemingly apathetic about everything. He’s not an aggressive person, but if someone bothered him and wouldn’t stop, he probably wouldn’t think twice about cutting them. He'll defend his personal space with teeth and claws. 



Liv, rice wine, cemeteries, printing ink, the smell of rain on concrete


Nightmares, other people, and himself


Intohimo, Neutral Milk Hotel









  • Ismael has schizoid personality disorder.

  • He speaks quietly and moves very lazily.

  • He has very poor social skills, and though he might be able to pick up different details and nuances in someone's behavior, he doesn't know how to interpret the information. 

  • He suffers from nightmares and night terrors, and is permanently sleep-deprived — which is why he looks like Death.

  • When Liv moves in with him, he starts to sleep a little bit better. It helps that she’s there to comfort him when he wakes.

  • He’s not a bad person, but he’s very morally grey. He usually leaves it to Liv to decide what’s good and bad.

  • WWLD? (what would Liv do)



Ismael is an orphan, and never really had any friends – everyone just thought he was scary-looking so people always avoided him, so he kinda has the emotional range of a leaf. Except that he hates himself. He always has nightmares and night terrors so he’s permanently sleep deprived. He dreams of piles of corpses; everyone’s dead and it’s all his fault. 


Eventually the meets Liv, who finds nothing threatening about him at all. Ismael thinks that the world is ugly and terrible, but Liv is pure and untainted and precious and perfect, and not ugly at all. And she’s in a terrible place, and she wants to come with him and he’s like fine whatever I guess

So now they live together and look after each other. Ismael literally never cared about his own well-being before – he always took very little care of himself, and more or less only ever ate out of boredom – but he’s very invested in keeping Liv well-fed and happy. Liv always makes sure Ismael eats too.

Ismael comes to cherish Liv above anything else. He doesn’t understand why she stays with him, but she does, and she brings colors into his life, because Liv’s the kind of person who gets really excited about anything, and she’s always like Look at the sky!!! It’s so blue!!! Isn’t it beautiful?! and Ahh it’s raining! ! The grass is so wet!! Isn’t it wonderful??, and she sees beauty in everything. Ismael starts to pay attention to the things Liv points out, and over time he learns to appreciate some of the things that he used to hate.

He starts to become a little more of a real human, and a little less of an empty shell. Eventually his deeply rooted self-contempt starts to wear off, when he decides that if someone as beautiful and incorrupt as Liv can love him, maybe he’s not the worst person on the planet after all.

(Liv’s happiness is what’s most important to Ismael. He would walk through fire for her, or rather, he’d do anything. He’d never do anything to make her unhappy, and if she told him she wanted to leave him, walk out the door and never come back, he wouldn’t try to stop her. Then he’d shrivel up and die, of course.)



Ismael and Liv live in a small studio apartment on the top floor of a run-down apartment building. Ismael, like Liv, used to be homeless and wander from place to place, until his landlady-to-be found him passed out and half-dead in front of her building. She brought him inside, gave him some food, and decided that though he’s scary-looking, he’s harmless. So she offered Ismael to stay in one of the apartments in exchange for him taking on the role of the building caretaker, which Ismael accepted. He doesn’t do that much really; his job is mostly to do the occasional simple repairs, and changing light-bulbs. Though sometimes he also gets to act as security. 

The landlady is SO happy the day he brings Liv home; she thinks Liv is simply adorable, and most of all she’s so, so happy that Ismael made a friend. She invites them down for dinner sometimes, and Liv plays with her cat.



Shades of grey, white and some black. Mostly washed out tank tops and skinny jeans. Everything is worn and torn — nothing is thrown away as long as it’s still even remotely wearable.


Liv is his soulmate™. They cherish each other, and Ismael wants to become a better person for her, because Liv deserves everything. And Ismael is so amazed by the way small, trivial things catch Liv’s interest, and he never gets tired of listening to her talking about anything and everything. 


His landlady is pretty much the only other person on the planet he cares about.

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