By purchasing any art or design from me, you automatically agree to these terms.

I reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.


For regular character drawings, please send your inquiry using »this contact form. If you want to talk to me about a larger project, or you have a request that that doesn't quite match my default commission options, you can reach me at After I've looked over your inquiry, I'll email you to let you know if I've accepted your commission (along with any notes or questions) and send you a Paypal invoice. As soon as the payment goes through, you will be added to my queue.

I will keep you updated on my process, and you will have at least two opportunities to give me feedback and request edits on your drawing while I work on it. Once the artwork is completed, I will not be making any additional edits as long as the art is otherwise accurate to your description/references — but I will of course provide final corrections in the event that I made a mistake or missed something by my own fault.


Upon completion I will send you the finished artwork as a high-resolution PNG file. I usually also post the artwork somewhere online (like my website, social media or Patreon), so if you would prefer that I do not share it, please let me know beforehand.


Note that by commissioning me, you are by default allowing me some artistic freedom to draw your subject in my own art style. Please do not request that I draw things in a way that is clearly different from my samples. Also, while I will do my absolute best to depict a subject in a way that is true to its design, a part of my trademark is bright, warm and saturated colors, so some hues might vary from your references.


While I can work from written descriptions, it's always nice to have some visuals to give me a better idea of what you have in mind. References can be helpful in any form they come: even if you don't have a fancy reference sheet for your character, things like doodles and Pinterest boards can be really useful! 


Floral Portraits and full body Toony style commissions are usually drawn on a 3000 × 3000 px canvas at 300 PPI, then cropped to fit the motif. Fancy style full body commissions are usually drawn on a larger canvas, and Cute style commissions on a smaller size. If the finished drawing needs to be a specific size or dimension, you have to let me know right from the start.


If you have any questions you're welcome to email me at!


The average turnaround time for an artwork is around three weeks, but it may range from one up to five weeks, depending on my schedule and your place in the queue. If you need your artwork to be completed within a certain timeframe, make sure to discuss it with me beforehand to confirm that I will indeed be able to meet that deadline.

Please note that even though commissioning an artwork from me may be something that you do in your free time — processing that order and drawing that commission is work to me. Please respect my time and my work, and try your best to reply within a day to any emails and WIPs that I send.


Should you repeatedly take more than two work days to respond, I may have to let the client next in line take priority over you, in order to complete the rest of my queue in a timely fashion.


If I am given a hard deadline for a commission, I will be expecting prompt replies. I will not be held liable for late or unsatisfactory work if any messages I send go for more than 24 hours without a response.


Unless you decide to give me full artistic freedom, I will provide you with a sketch of your commission before proceeding any further with the artwork. Upon seeing this sketch, you have the opportunity to request one major change, or a few minor changes within reason.

Please note that the sketch is just a rough guideline for me to base the lineart on. As I clean it up and line it, I will also adjust things that I may find to be off, refine shapes, and add details which I couldn't fit into the sketch.

After approving the sketch I will move on to the lineart, which you will also receive a preview of before I start coloring, to make sure that no character details get lost in the lining process. At this stage, you may only request that I change or add details that I A) may have done wrong, or B) forgot to include while lining. 


As detailed above, by commissioning me you will by default have ONE opportunity to request changes to be made to the sketch, and ONE opportunity to request details to be corrected in the lineart. Should you pass up these opportunities to request alterations, or fail to address any issues, I will not be making any flavor edits to the finalized piece, as long as the artwork is otherwise accurate to your character references.

Since I will be providing WIPs, it is your responsibility to let me know if I missed anything, or would like any changes to be made to the sketch/lineart. I will not be making any major changes after the provided sketch/lineart WIPs have been approved, unless you are willing to pay an additional fee for further edits.


The prices listed on my website refer to illustrations of a single character. Couple and group illustrations of full body characters are 20% off. Small pets are prized like busts, medium sized animals are prized like waist-ups, and large animals (like horses) have the same price tag as full body illustrations in the same style.


The price for branding illustrations and headers/OBS screens for Twitch/YouTube/etc is usually around €150–€400, depending on the requested style, subject, and amount of details.

All prices on this website are meant for private customers, which means that unless we agreed on something else beforehand, any drawings that you purchase from me are for PERSONAL USE only.


All prices listed are base rates, and depending on the complexity of your drawing, the total might vary. I might also charge extra if I'm working from vague references, or if I'm designing something for you. If I determine that something about your request requires an additional fee, I will always inform you up front! 


There's no extra fee for small handheld items and props — but complicated and detailed designs, animals, intricate armor, or larger props like furniture, are some examples of things that might bump up the price.

Additional edits (outside of the one sketch edit and the one lineart edit included with every commission) can also be provided for an additional fee, which may also vary depending on the complexity of edit.


The only situation in which you're eligible for a full refund is if you cancel your order before I start working on it. If you cancel an order after I have already started drawing, you will only be eligible for a partial refund, as I will keep a part of the payment for the work which I have already done. As you will have had at least two opportunities to provide feedback on your artwork, you cannot get a refund for a completed drawing. 

  • I maintain the right to decline a commission.

  • I maintain the right to display the commissioned artwork on my online platforms.

  • A commissioned artwork is always for PERSONAL USE only, unless we explicitly agreed on something else beforehand.

  • If you purchase artwork to be used for BRANDING on your Twitch or Youtube channel, it may ONLY be used for branding, and you may ONLY use it in a way that we have discussed and agreed upon. It may NOT be sold or turned into merchandise, UNLESS we explicitly agreed on that use beforehand, OR unless you contact me again to come to a new agreement on its use.

  • Print your commissioned artwork for your own personal use, or as a gift to a friend.

  • Repost your artwork on online platforms, as long as it's properly credited and linked back to me.

  • Use your artwork for personal use, including (but not limited to): icons, signatures, blog layouts, phone wallpapers, and as part of an image gallery on a personal site (but NOT in a commercial setting), as long as it's properly credited and linked back to me.

  • Take the credit for a commissioned artwork and claim it to be your own work.

  • Repost or use it without giving proper credit to me.

  • Edit an artwork I created for you, other than cropping it to use as your avatar or header etc (OK), or changing the background color if you received a transparent file (OK).

  • Reproduce the artwork, sell it to a third party, turn it into merchandise like prints or stickers etc, print it in books or magazines etc, unless I have explicitly agreed to it.

  • Make any money from an artwork that I created for you for personal use.

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All artworks belong to hellosunnycore aka Eli Nova, unless otherwise stated.

DISCLAIMER: I recently rebranded! I go by hellosunnycore now, but many old artworks have watermarks referencing my old username. Please don't worry! alohasushicore and hellosunnycore are the same person.