月野 春


 22 / july 7 / cancer


169 cm






lawful good






mom (Kaede), dad (Hiro), and four older brothers (Daisuke, Hideki, Kenji and Shou)


artist, singer

social status

middle class


a small apartment


he's very pretty, but often looks like he hasn't slept a lot or was just crying


he has a mole under his left eye


Haru can appear charming, sly and cocky, but is very much an insecure crybaby on the inside. Always sarcastic, with a deadpan sense of humor. He loves plushies and collects dolls, but wants people to think he’s a badass. He loves to draw, and write poetry and music. He's mostly an introvert, and a real daydreamer at that.


He sings in a band, and he's the most confident when he's on stage. It's his safe place; he feeds from the hype and the energy, and completely disappears into the music. But as soon as a show is over his anxiety gets the best of him, and he'll start to go over everything that happened, and pick it apart like "I went off key there", "why did I do that", "I shouldn't have done that" etc.

He was bullied a lot as a kid, and is still convinced that people will take advantage of him if he appears weak. He's a good-natured guy who tries his best to hide a pretty meek and gentle personality behind a tough (ish) facade. Fake it till you make it, Haru! 


Abingdon Boys School, Dir En Grey, The Cure, Marina & the Diamonds


Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tokyo Ghoul


Aoi Haru, End of Evangelion.


Evangelion, Tokyo Ghoul, The Demon Ororon


deep-fried squid rings


he swears it’s black coffee, but it’s not (it’s vanilla latte)



Bunnies, plushies, dolls, music, art, poetry, Lilith’s Revenge, punks, lolita, feminism


Bullies, being alone, having expectations to live up to, being compared to his brothers



  • He cares a lot about what other people think about him. He wants people to think he’s a badass, so he acts like he's hot shit around others. He only lets his guard down with his closest friends — and to some extent his band members.

  • He's very insecure, and used to turn to sex as a form of validation, and he's been taken advantage of a lot in the past.

  • He hates black coffee, but still orders it anyway because he thinks it makes him look cool. 

  • He swears a lot — but he still sticks to rather harmless curses most of the time. He's too soft.

  • He has a lot of Pullip dolls.

  • He likes bunnies, and has a lot of bunny plushies, bags and charms. 

  • He loves art, music and poetry equally. 

  • He's ambidextrous!

  • His first language is japanese, but he also speaks english and a bit of french.

  • Haru suffers from depression to some degree, and has a lot of anxiety. He can’t help but to think about death a lot.

  • He craves peace and quiet — not from music, but from people. When he’s been out socializing all day, he needs time to recover and recharge.



Haru’s mom, Kaede, is a museum director and his dad, Hiro, is a CEO. He has 4 older brothers; Daisuke (a model), Hideki (an engineer), Kenji (he’s working with their dad), and Shou (a chef). Their parents are very proud of the elder brothers, but don’t have very high hopes for Haru, who has a lot of anxiety and favors art and music over ‘important’ things like diplomas and dashing recommendations.

He grew up next door to Alice, and they’ve been best friends their whole lives – their parents are good friends with each other too. While Haru was prone to being taken advantage of, Alice on the other hand was loudly and unrelentingly waging a one-girl-war on bullies everywhere. She’s saved his skin more than a few times.

When Alice left for Europe her parents suggested that Haru should come along, suggesting that he might have a better chance for personal growth there. Haru was overjoyed to go with his best friend, and to put a bit of a distance between himself, his constantly outshining brothers, and his demanding parents.

Haru and Alice are the founders of the band Knife Tsunami; Haru’s the one who wanted to start a band in the first place, and Alice was of course the first to join. Haru sings and plays guitar, and he’s also the lyric writer. He writes most of the music too, together with Jukebox. He’s a jack-of-all-trades.

He lives in a small studio apartment where he spends his time drawing, writing music and lyrics, and watching anime.



Mainly visual kei and j-rock inspired with a dash of punk. Stripes, tartan, distressed sweaters and fur trims, skulls, chains, studs and crosses galore. Lots of black & white and some red, but he has quite a few pink clothes too. His favorite brands are SEX POT ReVeNGe and Black Peace Now. He also owns a few lolita dresses; some sweet, some old school gothic lolita.


Alice is his closest friend; they hang out several times a week, have sleepovers every other weekend, and are constantly texting each other. Their favorite past-time is going to game arcades, or just hanging out either apartment, drinking soda and talking shit. Alice makes sure Haru goes out and meets some people and gets some sun on his face every now and then – and that he’s eating something more than instant ramen. Haru would probably shrivel up and die without her.

Julian is Haru's boyfriend, and the cause for Haru's constant embarrassment but also the butterflies in his stomach. Julian is a very bright and extra person who strongly contrasts Haru's gloomier personality, and they sort of balance each other out. A lot of their relationship consists of Julian making terrible puns and Haru deadpanning about leaving him.

They're not overly pda:y, except there's usually no personal space between them… Julian usually has an arm around Haru, and Haru sits on Julian's lap,,, a lot.

Joy is his best friend after Alice. They hang out a lot — which in their case usually means closing the blinds to hold anime marathons and pigging out. Joy helps Alice keep an eye on Haru when he’s feeling down, and makes sure he doesn’t have to be alone.

Eden is the bassist of Knife Tsunami, and Haru appreciates her style and her dark humor.

The keyboardist of Knife Tsunami; Haru is impressed and intimidated by her guts and her many skills.

Sunny is Julian's best friend, and so they meet from time to time. Haru doesn't quite know what to make of her, the only thing he's sure of is that he is super intimidated by her.

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