26 / june 4 / gemini


173 cm


prefers they/them but responds to any



chaotic neutral





father (dead), [redacted]


goat farmer, bee keeper, tourist, and reluctant adventurer

social status


a small cottage in the forest


The horn on their left side is only about half as long as the right one.

Their skin is a dark reddish brown, and their hair isn't completely black, but rather a very dark brown/purple.


Glimmer is a bitter and snarky tiefling, and isn't a fan of attention. They're a private person who tends to stay in the background, and always act like they're a little fed up with people in general. They usually look like they're quietly judging what's going on around them, or they put on an unpleasant grin that's probably closer to a grimace. 

They have a drawling voice, and when they're being honest they speak like they need to think twice about what they're about to say. They usually answer questions with vague, shortish answers — and rather than being straightforward, they'd rather just make up some bullshit story that they make no attempt to stick to in the future. You get the impression that they like messing with people.

They're easy to talk into doing things (doesn't apply to favors though) if there's something at all for them to gain from it, but are just as easily talked out of doing them, like they don't really care that much what happens. But when they're in the actual thick of it, they'll see it through to the end. Though they act like a lot of things are a bother, they surprisingly often say yes to doing things, as long as it seems like an interesting experience. 

"[blatant lie]"



bees, goats, chickens, honey, forests, crabs, animal bones


aristocrats, nosy people


Ghost Mice, Nordman


goat cheese, chanterelles





  • They smile too wide, with all their teeth, but it rarely reaches the eyes, and seldom seems seems genuine — unless you count the occasional smirk.

  • Like a cat, they rarely blink.

  • They squint and frown a lot.

  • They have a wheezy laugh.

  • They're ambidextrous!

  • They make their own mead.

  • Big (big) straw hat? Trademark item.

  • They sleep with their straw hat resting on top of their face.

  • Though they usually appear quite detached, they can be passive aggressive, combative and vindictive.

  • They lie a lot more than any situation calls for.

  • When they're close to water, they always look for crabs.

  • They own a clawed gauntlet that used to belong to their dad.

  • When they're somewhere where they want to avoid attention, they wear a puffy dress and coil their tail around their waist to keep it hidden beneath the skirt, and put a bunch of flowers on their hat to cover up the horns.



They grew up in the backwoods, in a small cottage in the forest; keeping bees, and raising goats and chickens. They lived a peaceful and quiet life there with their retired mercenary dad. They would go into town sometimes to trade goat cheese, honey and eggs, but because humans aren't really that fond of tieflings — and their dad wanted them to be safe — Glimmer would habitually pretend to be human when they went into town. Whether they actually passed or not is up to debate.

According to Glimmer, they left the cottage and the forest because they "just want to see and experience interesting and beautiful places, I guess". They intend to return one day.



They wear either fluffy pinafore dresses, or loose, unbuttoned flowy shirts tucked into slim pants. Everything goes in earthy shades like beige, brown and green, accented with off-white and muted poppy red colors. The exception is their fancier outfits which come in white, blue and teal. They like scarves, and they wear a small golden bee pendant around their neck. They're pretty much always seen wearing a wide brimmed straw hat.


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