Art made for me by others, either as gifts or commissions <3

Alice by Bin
Bambi by Cirouette
(Grown-up) Bambi by Bella
together with their oc Patient #457
Bambi by Kilifruit
Bambi by Sassiee
together with their oc Ronja
Bambi by Unagicake
Carousel by GingerLesbianPirate
Carousel by Leena
Carousel by VoodooDollArt
Eden by Lana
Eliska by Gatzos
Eliska by Hithdra
Evangeline by Kris
Evangeline by ChellyCupcakes
Glimmer by Zasanotale
Haru by Moony
Joy by Kris
Judah by Mlysza
Jukebox by Bella
Jukebox by Hithdra
Koi by Vi
Koi by Vi
with her and @nautikalmile's characters
Ismael & Liv by Limbics
together with their ocs Floffy & Fleance ♡
Liv by Limbics
Liv by Limbics
Milk by Limbics
Milk by Wonderz
Milk by JeanBeanArt
Milk by Nyallyy
Milk by LA Pierce Art
Milk by Othlir
Milk by PestilentPeach
Milk by tinywitchdraws
Mion by Kris
together with their OC Iwase
November by Hithdra
November by Wonderz
Oxley & Honey by Bella
Oxley by Hith
Oxley by Vi
Ptolemy by Sam
Sam by Looneylolita
Samael by PetitePasserine
Samael by Zeke
Stereo by Spacejamtwo
Sunny & Gogo by Ennun
Sunny & Gogo by Hithdra
Sunny by JaninaK
Sunny by Sh0tze
Zen by JWhitnee
Zen by MichaelaLoser
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© 2021 by hello! sunnycore 

All artworks belong to hellosunnycore* aka Eli Nova, unless otherwise stated.

*I rebranded in 2021! Many old artworks have watermarks referencing my old username. Please don't worry! alohasushicore and hellosunnycore are the same person.