Eva, Eve, "Eevee" — Stereo


24 / april 30 / taurus


180 cm




grey-romantic lesbian


chaotic neutral






parents (deceased) 



social status

lower class (born), sort of upper class (now)


the Fairweather mansion



Evangeline is a tall, gawky witch and a cynical feminist killjoy, who's probably never given a single fuck in her entire life. She's a moody and sarcastic girl who talks little and sighs a lot, but is very straightforward and gives good advice. Was probably raised by wolves, before she killed and ate them, and ran away to practice witchcraft — at least that’s what she’ll tell you. She’s seen some stuff.  

She usually doesn’t draw much attention to herself and prefers to stay in the background, but she has balls of steel. And although Evangeline might come off as very stoic, aloof and a bit blasé, that’s not entirely true. She is mature; hardworking; and levelheaded, but she’s also adventurous and not at all void of humor — she’s just not very good at expressing it.

While a lot of her friends’ antics are enough to give her gray hairs, she also finds a lot of their shenanigans very amusing. Occasionally she'll even partake in the pranks the other girls are inclined to play on poor, unsuspecting people. Though her character might be questionable, at the end of the day she’s still the voice of reason out of the Fairweather girls.




old books, antique trinkets, skulls, cemeteries, musk, tobacco tins, damp wood, moonlight, gravestones, fire, and beeswax candles


wobbly chairs, electronic music, soft drinks, cellphones, politicians


Bad Religion, Lonely Wyatt and the Holy Spooks, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


American Psycho


The Satanic Bible




black coffee


  • The reason her bangs are choppy and uneven is because she cuts them herself with kitchen scissors. 

  • There’s often some traces of nature in her hair, like twigs or leaves.

  • She doesn't own a cellphone.

  • Stereo is the only person whose skinship Evangeline doesn’t reject.

  • Her limbs are pretty long, and her coordination skills aren’t always the best. She tends to bump into things.

  • She very rarely loses her temper, but when she does, things around her tend to catch fire.

  • She’s a devoted environmentalist — like most human witches she draws her magic from the nature.

  • She makes some money selling more or less benign hex bags and spells.

  • She dreams of opening up her own shop of magical paraphernalia/artifacts.

  • Don't get on her bad side.



Evangeline was 13 when she sat fire to her abusive parents' house and ran away to practice witchcraft. She was drifting between condemned buildings, when Carousel spotted her setting a man's hoodie on fire and took an interest in the young witch. Carousel bought Eva a few meals in exchange for small magic tricks and a little insight in the world of witchcraft, and they discovered that they got along pretty well. Carousel’s large, empty home had a few unused rooms, and Evangeline ended up becoming the first stray to move into the Fairweather mansion.



She has a kinda grunge-y style, and favors plaid shirts, velvet shorts and washed out t-shirts in gray, dark green and black colors. Almost everything she owns is thrifted. She hoards old wool cardigans and sweaters religiously, and often throws on some crystal pendants, pentagrams and a wide-brim felt hat for maximum witch aesthetic.


Evangeline and Carousel share a deep mutual understanding for one another. They trust each other 100%, and Carousel is the only one who knows Evangeline’s complete backstory. They don’t really have any common interests, but they enjoy each other’s company, and when Evangeline is working in the garden Carousel often ends up reading on the veranda to be around her friend.

Though Evangeline is by no means made of stone, Stereo is pretty much the only person capable of making Eva laugh out loud. Herself being a calculating and rather stiff kind of person, Evangeline likes the things about Stereo that most people tend to find annoying; she considers Stereo’s impulsiveness and boldness appealing, and finds the way Stereo always manages to do the unpredictable amusing, and simply refreshing. Stereo is also the only person whose skinship Evangeline doesn’t reject. Truth is Evangeline fancies Stereo, but is too damn emotionally constipated to realize it.

When it comes to Jukebox, the fourth Fairweather girl, her and Evangeline really don’t have much common ground, and they’re the only of the Fairweather girls to never hang out alone with each other. They don’t have anything against each other, and they’ll definitely have each other’s back if something happened; they just simply don’t have much to talk about.

Evangeline is good friends with Lola, and a huge fan of her bees. She often comes over to the Flores residence to admire the hives, and talk about plants with the twins, and sometimes Lola comes over to see Evangeline at Fairweather. 

It took a while for Lola's twin Flora to get accustomed to the somewhat intimidating Evangeline, but Eve kept coming around to see Lola and her bees, and Flora eventually grew accustomed to her. Now she actually likes Evangeline quite a lot, and Eve enjoys the company of the quiet and modest twin.

Don't ask just how Evangeline befriended a literal man-eater, but their common interests include strange herbs and nature-based magic.

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