Carou, "princess" — Stereo


 19 / oct 30 / scorpio


155 cm






chaotic good






mom Ursula (deceased), dad Johann (deceased), adopted sisters: Evangeline, Stereo, Jukebox



social status

upper class, born and raised


Fairweather, a mansion inherited from her parents.



Carousel is a tiny, rich, megalomaniac devil child. She’s spoilt, childish, dominating and possessive. A weird girl who always looks like she’s plotting murder. Loves cotton candy, horror movies and teeth, and seems hellbent on world domination.


She’s very carefree, and tends to come off as pretty self-centered. But in spite of her childish nature and primadonna complex, she’s very loyal and always ready to back up her friends. While she fully embraces her "devil child" image, she’s more considerate and perceptive than she lets on. For example, the first time Carousel met Evangeline she grabbed her arm, which made Eva go entirely stiff — and upon the realization that Evangeline is uncomfortable with physical contact, Carousel immediately let go and apologized, and never attempted to invade Eve’s personal space again.


Out of the Fairweather girls, Carousel is probably the one with the biggest heart.


Sweets, ghost stories, gore, cotton candy, stormy weather, horror movies, pumpkins, teeth, creepy things, surprises, popcorn, bats.


Vegetables, sports, waiting, being ignored, underestimated or patronized. 




Emilie Autumn, The Birthday Massacre, Hole, Rasputina.


American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.


Battle Royal, Livide, Thir13en Ghosts.


Alice in Wonderland, xxxHolic.


cotton candy and popcorn




  • She collects human teeth.

  • She plays electric violin.

  • Has a major sweet tooth.

  • She’s home-schooled.

  • She has an interest in building and engineering. 

  • She wants to be a mortician one day, but also dreams about owning her own circus.



She grew up in the Fairweather mansion with her parents and a caretaker. Her parents were both highly regarded surgeons who treated Carousel like a princess, and she worshipped them. The both of them died in a plane crash when Carousel was 7, and she took it very hard. For the longest time she didn’t speak to anyone, and she didn’t leave the Fairweather grounds for years. It took a long time before she started to venture outside again, but she's always had an unsettling demeanor and strange interests, so other kids deemed her “a bit creepy” and she didn't really make any friends.

She was 12 when she caught a glimpse of a young Evangeline setting a man's hoodie on fire in the street, and she took an immediate interest in the teen witch. Carousel bought Eva a few meals in exchange for little magic tricks and a little insight in the world of witchcraft, and they discovered that they got along pretty well. Carousel’s large, empty home had a few unused rooms, and Evangeline eventually ended up being the first stray to move into the Fairweather mansion.


Two years later Carousel came upon Stereo and Jukebox — who at the time were drifting about; getting by by stealing and pick-pocketing — and once again Carousel was intrigued. In the end the Double Trouble duo that is Stereo and Jukebox moved in together with Carousel and Evangeline. 

Stereo and Jukebox are notorious delinquents and pranksters. Carousel isn’t very interested in vandalizing and parkour, but she’s a schemer and a sucker for pranks. Together with Jukebox and Stereo she likes to come up with elaborate antics and tricks to play on the people of the town. However, she’s not as athletic as the other girls, and her speciality is mind-games.



Creepy cute casual lolita, in pink, black & white. She loves everything from ruffles, laces and bows to skeleton prints, bone hair clips and broken doll parts, and she mixes patterns and prints like there’s no tomorrow. She likes circus motifs, stripes, overall shorts and stockings, fluffy dresses and capes with bunny ears.


Eden and Carousel have been dating for 2 years. Carousel is a positively childish and attention-craving girlfriend, who wouldn’t settle for being treated like anything less than a princess, but Eden loves to spoil her and play the part of the valiant knight, and they have a very stable relationship. Eden is just as dramatic as Carousel, and she treats her girlfriend like royalty, showering her in gifts and attention; and Carousel worships her tall and flamboyant lady knight. They're a power-couple who go together like toast and marmalade, and dealing with the both of them is like facing judgement from Tyra Banks and Rupaul at the same time.

Evangeline and Carousel share a deep mutual understanding for one another. They trust each other 100%, and Carousel is the only one who knows Evangeline’s complete backstory. They don’t really have any common interests, but they enjoy each other’s company, and when Evangeline is working in the garden Carousel often ends up reading on the veranda to be in the vicinity of her friend.

Stereo and Carousel are a lot like siblings, and quibble and tease each other a lot. They don't really have a lot of common interests, but like being around each other. Out of the Fairweather girls, Stereo is the one most likely to call Carousel out on her bs.

Jukebox and Carousel both love pranks and building robots, and get easily obsessed with things. Carousel has a knack for building and engineering, and Jukebox is a genius when it comes to software, and every now and then they turn Carousel’s room into a robot lab. 

Carousel works as a waitress at November's café, The Hidden Garden. She helps November out with a bit o’ this and that — mostly cake decorating, and eating the leftover pastries. They get along well, but don’t really have a deeper relationship.

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