"boss" — the other girl gang members


​24 / august 7 / leo


188 cm






chaotic good






mom Adelaide, dad Akira, cousin Samael


gang leder, fashionista, drummer

social status

upper middle class


big, messy apartment in the nicer part of town


she has a nose piercing, and multiple ear piercings


Alice is a feisty, bossy, and very intense girl with the confidence of Kanye West and the attitude of Rihanna. She's a loud, outgoing, fun-loving busy bee, who probably has pure glitter running through her veins. She's the life of the party, and very fun to be around in general; she's magnetic, likable, and popular, and always has a lot going on — to the point where her presence can become quite overwhelming. She doesn't like making promises, but when she does give her word, she means it.


She's the leader of a girl gang called Lilith's Revenge, and while she totally wants to do good, Alice kind of mostly just wants to have fun and kick ass. She's generous, but has a bit of a god-complex and strives to be a sort of hero figure for others to look up to; a shining beacon of hope and inspiration to the people. Because of this she's very self-righteous and can be a bit selfish. She doesn't have much patience for people who see things differently than her, and definitely has a bit of a holier-than-thou mindset.

— I'm beautiful and I know what I'm doing



girls, mermaids, extravagant clothes, knives, shiny fabrics, perfume, faux fur, glitter, colorful plastic


misogyny, men, the patriarchy, quiet surroundings, rules, stiff people & people who don’t have an opinion



Natalia Kills, Kazaky, Studio Killers


RuPaul’s Drag Race, Utena, Sailor Moon


Kamikaze Girls, Kill Bill II, Sucker Punch


Bitch Planet







  • Alice is the leader of Lilith’s Revenge, a queer girl gang that she formed.

  • She plays the drums in the band Knife Tsunami.

  • She has two dogs; a bulldog named Rosie, and a doberman named Pandora.

  • She always has loud music on and sings and dances in front of the mirror while she gets ready to go out.

  • She works as an alt model, and is very active and popular on social media.

  • She collects weird bags and has a ridiculous amount of them in all shapes and sizes.​

  • She also collects Mickey Mouse merch and sea shells.

  • She has a whole collection of Juicy Couture tracksuits for anyone who stays over at her place to borrow if they want to.

  • ​Her favorite colors are turquoise, pink and black.

  • She speaks japanese, french and english.

  • The Mary-Sue™


Alice’s dad is a yakuza, and her mother is a pretty famous fashion photographer. Alice used to live with them in Japan as a child, but when she turned 14 they sent her off to live with her mother’s family in France for a while, mainly to keep her from getting too involved in the… family business.

She grew up next door to Haru, and they’ve been best friends their whole lives. While Haru was prone to being bullied, Alice on the other hand was loudly and unrelentingly waging a one-girl-war on bullies everywhere. She’s saved his skin more than a few times. Haru’s parents don’t have very high hopes for him, so when Alice left for Europe they let Haru come along, hoping he might stand a better chance of personal growth there.


Alice is currently settled down in Europe; Haru moved with her, and they still hang out several times a week, have impromptu sleepovers, and are constantly texting each other.



She wears anything from lolita brands to thrifted clothes and Vivienne Westwood. She loves shiny, luxurious materials, sequins and bling in general, and her favorite colors are turquoise, pink and black. She has a lot of mermaid-inspired clothes, flamingo prints, and Mickey Mouse merch. Also there’s her stripper shoe collection, glitter, lace, harnesses, and a ridiculous amount of weird and obnoxious bags.

Haru is Alice's best friend; they hang out several times a week, sleep over at each other's place, and are constantly texting. They typically dress up and hang out in the city, go to game arcades or cafés, or just chill and watch anime, drink soda or sparkling wine and talk shit. Alice is really protective of Haru, and is always looking out for him. She makes sure Haru goes out, meets some people and gets some sun on his face every now and then – and that he’s eating something more than instant ramen.

Samael is Alice’s cousin and very close friend. They have known each other since they were kids, and depend a lot on each other. They lived on separate continents for a couple of years, and Alice still feels responsible for not physically being there for Sam when he was going through a rough time. She has a habit of showing up at Samael’s place unannounced.

She’s very good friends with Joy, who’s a member of Lilith’s Revenge. They hang out a lot, and are similar in a lot of ways, and a while back Alice announced Joy as second in command in the gang. She trusts Joy a lot, and is confident in her ability to make decisions in Alice's spirit.

Gabriel is Samael's boyfriend and flatmate, and since Alice is overly sociable, the times she comes over to see Sam and he isn’t there she simply settles with hanging out with Gabriel instead. He likes her dogs, and she’s kicked his ass in video games more than a few times, and over time they’ve become pretty good friends.

Eden is the bassist of Knife Tsunami, and also a member of Lilith's Revenge, and Alice finds her amusing but a bit spooky.  Even though they aren't that close, they do like each other and they see each other quite a bit since they're both in the same gang.

Jukebox plays the keyboard in Knife Tsunami, but while she and Alice get along splendidly, there is an age difference, and they mainly just hang out in relation to band activities.

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